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The Quiki
Perfectly tailored for our busy lives.

Sometimes life gets so busy we only have time for a 

Box Colour ​


☑️ Professionally Applied

☑️ Clean - Consistent - Customised

☑️ No Mess - No Stress - No Risk

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Your Questions Answered​

Can I have a Quiki with blonde highlights?

No. Quiki service is designed for customers who need a quick and efficient application for their tint regrowth. It's not suitable for blonde highlights or any creative colour work.


How long is the processing time?

The processing time for your Quiki tint regrowth colour is 40 minutes.

How do I avoid getting colour on my clothes when I go to wash my hair?

The Quiki service will require you to wash your hair at home and although the headband stops the colour from bleeding, we recommend you wear a front buttoned or zipper top so that you can undress with no risk of colouring your clothes.

What if my colour stays on longer before I get to wash my hair?

Don’t be alarmed because your colour will STOP processing after 40 minutes and will not affect the result.

Will you provide a headband for discreet processing every time I come in for a Quiki?

To minimise waste and promote sustainability, we provide one headband for the duration of your bundle pack, payment plan, or pay-as-you-go option. Please remember to bring your headband to each Quiki appointment. If you forget, a new one will be available for a $10 fee.

How do I wash the colour out of my hair at home?

Once processing is complete, you'll receive a text message prompting you to wash your hair at home. For best results, we recommend using our Saks Colour Protect Shampoo and Saks Colour Protect Conditioner, which are specifically designed for coloured hair.

Here's a step-by-step guide to wash your hair at home:

First Shampoo: Squeeze a walnut-sized amount of shampoo into your palm. Emulsify and focus on gently massaging your scalp to remove colour residue.

Second Shampoo: Repeat the process, this time massaging from your scalp to the ends for a thorough clean.

Conditioner: Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Comb through with the conditioner in and rinse thoroughly to ensure no product residue is left.

Post-Wash: Once towel-dried, spray Saks Nourishing Mist from top to ends and comb through for even distribution.

Your hair is now ready for a blow-dry or can be left to dry naturally.

Will the colour stain my shower or bath tub?

No. Your colour has stopped processing and will not stain your shower or bath tub.


If I wash my hair in the shower, will the colour running down my body irritate my skin?

No. Your colour has stopped processing and will not irritate or stain your skin during the washing of your hair.


How often should I get my regrowth coloured?

This all depends on how fast or slow your hair grows. Everybody's hair grows at a different pace. Generally 3 - 5 weeks is a reasonable interval between colours.

More questions?

Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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