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Hi, I’m Ebru Sak -


In 2009 I created Saks Salons with the intention of using the skills I'd gained in the beauty industry, over twenty-five years and a number of continents, to help women look their best but more importantly feel better when they walked out the door. 


Our clients, especially women are busy simply managing their lives and although time in a salon can sometimes be a nice reprieve, it can also create added pressure when there are other commitments to meet. Often women choose these other commitments over themselves.

The philosophy that drives the team and everything we create at Saks Salons is not only making my guests look fabulous and feel great, but making their lives easier with time-efficient services and products, so they don't need to compromise.


This all stems from my passion to inspire, encourage and empower women to celebrate the freedom of self-expression in a special place that pays homage to the glory and beauty of womanhood.


Saks Salons is driven to set the standards of excellence in customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, honesty, and integrity.

Our service and product recommendations are delivered with your best interest at heart to achieve the intended result for a confident you.

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love thy hair



Style Cut or Trim


Time: 45mins

Includes wash, leave-in treatment, dries naturally


Style Cut / Trim & Blowdry

$88 - 108

Time: 60 – 90mins

Short - Medium - Long Hair

Includes wash & leave-in treatment


Wash & Blowdry

$34 - 54

Time: 30 - 45mins

Short - Medium - Long Hair

Includes wash & leave-in treatment


Style Cut


Time: 40mins

Includes wash & style finish

Colour Express


3 - 6 weeks interval

Time: 15 minutes

Includes re-usable headband

Tint Regrowth


3 - 6 weeks interval

Time: 1hr

Includes wash, leave-in treatment, dries naturally

Full Colour

   from $118    

Short - Medium - Longhair

Time: 1 - 2hours

Includes wash, leave-in treatment, dries naturally


Half-head Highlights - Foils

 from $118

Short - Medium - Longhair

Time: Approx 2hours

Includes toner, leave-in treatment, dries naturally  



Ebru, thank you for always making me look and feel fabulous. The salon is a special place that is a homage to the glory and beauty of womanhood. It’s a living energy of sisterhood. Thank you for creating such a space for us.

~ Carmel

Ebru is an awesome Hairdresser and a lovely soul she's a real inspiration I can't sing her praises enough. My first ever appointment with Ebru she opened the salon on Sunday just so myself and another lady could have our hair done before she left to go on holiday. Thank you so much Ebru.

~ Lisa

Lovely person. Very experienced. Great service but most of all fabulous hairstyles and colours. Walked out very happy.

~ Giovanna