Paraben Free | Dermatologically Tested | Vegan Friendly.

Finesse Mineral Powder Foundation re-defines everything you thought you knew about mineral powder foundation. This delicate mineral powder transforms skin for an airbrushed looking finish.


Its micro-fine particles feel impossibly light and smooth leaving an unbelievably silky touch to the skin. Apply as a finishing powder to set your liquid foundation and mattify skin or wear alone to achieve a perfect and flawless result.


The purity of our premium grade, highly pigmented, 100% pure minerals also means you will use much less product to achieve a perfect finish with Finesse.


Light and silk as mink, you will barely feel you're wearing anything.

Mother of all Minerals

  • This delicately finely milled powder can be buffed or dusted on to the skin for an airbrushed, natural looking finish. Use with the Base Brush to promote a healthy and glowing complexion.

    Start with a very small amount of powder, as only a tiny dash is needed.

    • Sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid of the makeup jar.
    • Take the brush and pick up the powder from the lid, let the bristles pick up the mineral powder.
    • Tap the brush to the side to release any excess makeup allowing the powder to be applied evenly all over the face.
    • Apply the mineral powder to your face with gentle, circular motions to ensure an even coverage.
    • Repeat these steps until you have the right amount of coverage
    • Make sure to swirl the makeup into every corner, including the often-missed spots like under the chin and up near your ears.