Mandarin is known to help reduce the presence of unwanted bacterial and viral activity and for its refreshing, light citrus scent. When combined with highly effective cleansing agents, our Mandarin Anti-bacterial Handwash removes germs and helps prevent virus from spreading.


We control pH levels & add in the right amount of essential oils to leave your hands soft & smooth. It's non greasy, non sticky.


Our products are meticulously and deliberately blended with essential oils because they contain the true aromatic essence of the plants that they are derived from and offer many other therapeutic benefits that spam beyond their pleasant aromas.


Essential oils are distilled typically by steam or water from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots and other parts of a given plant botanical. For citrus fruits, the essential oil is usually pressed from the peels (rinds) of the fruit.

Mandarin Handwash

  • Wet hands with water and apply Mandarin Anti-bacterial Handwash. Rub hands together ensuring all hand surfaces are covered. Thoroughly wash hands together for 20 seconds or more ensuring both palms, fingers and outside of hands have been washed. Rinse hands with water being sure to dry your hands properly.