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Stronger together

Most of us would’ve heard the latest lockdown announcement. I’m sad that it’s taking so long for Victorians to get back to living in freedom. Many small businesses will struggle to come back from this and some may not even. 

I want to thank you for supporting me and know that YOU are appreciated.

If you have a scheduled appointment before the 26th of October 2020, this has been moved for when we are permitted to open. You will get a reminder three days prior and if you need to change, we can certainly do that.

In the meantime, if you wish to do your own regrowth colour at home, just let me know the day and time you would like to collect the colour from the salon.

Here's a video you may want to see if this is for you. Oh, the chipmunk voice is deliberate, please don't try to adjust your volume, as it won't work, lol.

The media is constantly reminding us that staying apart keeps us together – does it really?

One thing I do know for certain and it’s that I will not allow the current situation to dampen my spirit. I believe that staying connected through this will keep us together.

Vibe Tribe

So I'd like to invite you to a ZOOM gathering for a coffee, drink, or just to be present. We can talk about hair, body, and skincare during the lockdown and perhaps share a story or two. I have more than a few in my archive of life's journey.

If you would like to join an uplifting Vibe Tribe, send us a 'YES' here and you will receive an invite to our next gathering of like minded souls.

Simple skincare at home

A gentle reminder here to adopt a simple skincare routine, if you haven't already, even though we are not socialising these days. Keep your skin clean, hydrated, and nourished for a beautiful glow and your skin will love you back I promise. 

This has been my simple skincare routine for years and I love it! Here’s a link if you want to check out what I use..

The world is round and is in constant motion just like life itself. We are born, we experience life and there comes a time for each one of us to make room for the next soul to experience life. Nothing is forever and these challenging times will one day be a thing of the past. There will always be challenges and there will always be joy and when we support each other we are stronger together.

Stay well and love.


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