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Missing you already.

My heart sank way past my ovaries when I heard that hairdressing salons now had to go into lockdown for six weeks.

I miss going to the salon everyday.

The first few minutes was a bit of a blur and it felt like a tsunami was raging inside me that was totally out of my control.

Once the dust settled, I began to think clearly and my first thought was, 'Oh my God! Box colour from the supermarket!' The conversation in the salon the last two days before I closed was all about regrowth colour. So, I've come up with a solution.


Custom blend regrowth colour.

Some ladies are fine waiting until the salon opens to get their regrowth done and others will resort to a box colour from the supermarket. getting our regrowth colour refreshed just make us feel good because we restore youth back into our hair. For the ladies that transition to a'la'naturel, good on you. I've decided that I'l go natural beginning on my 90th birthday.

The thought of my clients using box colour inspired me to offer their own custom blend to apply at home. It's still a DIY but it's not a one colour for all. This will be their own custom blend we apply in the salon.

Here goes, this is lockdown regrowth touchup.

I videoed myself mixing the custom blend product and applying my own regrowth colour. Once I completed the application, I edited the video, added subtitles and background music. Threw in a bit of humour and WOW! It turned out pretty groovy actually.

I'll know next time to record on landscape mode and not portrait because it cut off my head in some parts, but hey, I'm no videographer.


No matter what life throws at you, keep your hair looking fabulous.

My philosophy in life is that nothing is forever and this too shall pass. In the meantime, we just have to do the best with what we have. There is always a solution.

Enjoy the video and have a laugh on me darling.


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