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Nurturing Your Skin

A gentle reminder for our upcoming first event of the year, Nurturing Your Skin. Date: Monday 8th of February 2021

Time: 5 pm start – 7 pm finish

Where: Saks Salons – 375 Moreland Road Coburg

Event Outline 5.10 pm - Skin and the ageing process. How we can age gracefully, slowly. 5.30 pm - Navigating through the loud noise of skincare brands and regimes. 5.50pm - Basic essentials. Keeping it simple, efficient, and effective. 6.10 pm - Custom skincare. Why it’s not a one fit for all. 6.30 pm - Questions and answers. 6.50 pm - Try something new. What have you got to lose? 7.00pm - Finish I hope you can make it, and feel free to bring along a friend or two.


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