(pronounced Mak-EE-ajj) 

Less is more

Today’s modern makeup in my view should be simple and natural so we notice the personality and not the makeup. I believe cosmetics are designed to enhance our features gifted to us and not to change them.


This doesn't mean that I suggest natural makeup means walking around all day looking like your washed out, no not at all. By simple and natural I mean your makeup palette should be suited to your complexion and should change with the change of the seasons to complement your skin's natural tone. My recommendation to women who wear foundation regularly is to invest in a Winter and a Summer foundation shade suited to their skin tone. Our breathable Flourish Liquid and/or Finesse Mineral Powder Foundation is essential to a minimalist makeup routine.


Regardless of the look and products you choose, healthy skin is the ultimate foundation. Your makeup routine is only as good as your skincare routine, and the most basic course of action is allowing your skin to breathe more often than you apply makeup to it. The next step is applying a good moisturiser. Whether your skin is oily or dry, the key is hydration, hydration, hydration!


Adding some natural glow and a pop of colour using our Fab Four palette gives just the right amount of natural definition to the cheekbones and an overall radiance.


Finally, some TLC for those lips will tie your whole minimalistic makeup look together. I personally go for a simple gloss with our Luminous Lipgloss most of the time, but depending on my mood I will smear a little colour from the Fab Four palette with my pinky and seal it with the gloss. Stunning lips with a breath of fresh air!


'Wherever YOU are in the World,

Beauty is everywhere YOU are'